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Why Halo Engagement Rings Are a Timeless Choice

The halo engagement ring is a classic, timeless choice that never goes out of style. They offer many benefits and come in many different shapes and sizes.

They’re also affordable and versatile. They work well with various gemstones and ring styles, making them an excellent option for any woman.

They Enhance the Center Stone

Halo engagement rings are a timeless choice, offering the opportunity to create an eye-catching ring with a center diamond or gemstone surrounded by smaller round diamonds. They can be as simple or bold as you want and are available in various designs to fit every budget and style.

A halo makes the center stone look more extensive and enhances its sparkle. The surrounding diamonds are usually smaller, so they appear dimmer when compared to the center stone.

White gold is a classic choice for halo rings, but yellow and rose gold also have their place. Two-tone settings are becoming increasingly popular, as they can create a unique look.

Another way to change the look of a halo is by choosing a different color of diamond or gem. Shades of pink, green, or blue can be attractive options for a center stone in a halo.

When choosing a center stone, consider its shape and cut. For example, a round or princess-cut diamond works well in a halo because they have the perfect proportions to complement the accent diamonds. But if you want a more dramatic look, try ovals or emerald-cut stones.

If you are still determining what kind of stone you’d like to use in your halo, don’t worry; our diamond and gemstone experts can help you find the right one! They’ll guide you through the process and help you create your perfect halo engagement ring.

They Are Affordable

Halo engagement rings are a trendy choice for women who love sparkle. These rings feature a center diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This setting enhances the appearance of your center stone and can make it look as much as a half-carat more significant than it would without it.

For the savvy shopper, the halo is a highly budget-friendly option. You often find halo rings with a fraction of the carat weight or a lower quality diamond than you would otherwise pay for.

You can choose from various cuts for your center stone, including round, princess, oval, pear and marquise. Radiant cuts like emerald and Asscher can also be gorgeously accented with a halo.

The halo is also a great way to add fire and luster to a smaller center stone, especially for those unsure about the size or color of their ring. For instance, a 1-carat marquise looks more like a three or 4-carat diamond when set in a halo, according to Florman.

They Are Versatile

Halo rings are an elegant choice for a versatile diamond engagement ring that will suit a wide range of style preferences. They come in various designs and are available in many different metal types, so you can find one that suits your style and budget.

For a classic look, try an oval or cushion cut halo ring that features a dazzling center stone with striking accents. Radiant cuts, such as emerald and pear or marquise diamonds, can add extra fire and brilliance to a halo setting.

Whether you want a modern or timeless style, a halo can enhance any center stone and make it appear larger than it is. It is also an excellent option for those on a tight budget, as it does not require as much maintenance as a solitaire ring.

If you want a bold look, a three-stone halo can be stunning. For a more subtle and elegant appearance, a halo can be paired with a pave band with small diamonds encrusted along the bars for a shimmering effect.

A rose gold halo can be an attractive choice for those with a unique taste. It is soft and pinkish and can complement various gemstones, including green peridot or a rainbow-colored opal.

They Are Symbolic

Engagement rings are a traditional symbol of love and commitment, and they’re often designed to represent specific beliefs or family traditions. When choosing an engagement ring, symbolic elements can make all the difference for a bride and groom.

One of the most symbolic types of engagement ring is a halo diamond ring, which has a frame of smaller stones surrounding a larger center stone. This ring has long been a favorite for jewelry lovers, as it can enhance the look of a small center diamond or create the illusion of a bigger one.

When choosing a halo diamond ring, select a style that best complements your center stone’s size and shape. For example, a square cushion cut diamond will look more regal in a halo setting than a round brilliant cut diamond.

Similarly, if you want to add more color to your engagement ring, opt for a rose or champagne-colored diamond in your halo. These rings can also be paired with other gemstones, like garnets or pink sapphires, for a truly unique look.

Whether you’re looking for a classic engagement ring or something with more contemporary flair, halos have a timeless appeal that will never go out of fashion. They’re not only beautiful, but they are also highly versatile and can be worn by any woman.

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