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What Motivates People to Undergo Plastic Surgery for the First Time

Plastic surgery is among the fast-picking trends in the USA. A report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows over 17 million procedures as of 2018. This number continues to rise as individuals have varying reasons for getting cosmetic surgery. This article mentions the key motivating factors for most first-time plastic surgery patients.

The Motivation for First-Time Plastic Surgery Patients

It would help to note that there are different types of plastic surgery procedures, each with specific results for the patient. Before booking an appointment, you can consult with key opinion leaders on plastic surgery, like Joel Aronowitz. The following are the main reasons why many consider the various plastic surgery procedures:

Unsatisfied with Their Appearance

Most first-time plastic surgery patients opt for the procedure since they are unhappy with their current features. It could be their nose, hair, or ears, but it never appealed to them.

Can you imagine waking up every morning and not loving what you see in your mirror? This feeling can ruin your mood and motivate you to change your appearance through plastic surgery. Some of the available procedures provide a safer and more manageable approach to correcting any perceived flaws in your looks.

Drastic Body Changes After Pregnancy

The number of women considering cosmetic surgery after giving birth is also high. Although pregnancy is an incredible experience, it can leave permanent marks on a woman’s body. Most women find stretched-out skin, deflated breasts, hanging layers, and other aesthetic issues affecting their self-esteem.

Plastic surgery covers you if you are unhappy with how your body looks after pregnancy. Procedures like breast augmentation provide immediate results for those unhappy with their breasts. You can also consider a “Mommy Makeover,” which includes a series of operations to get your glow back.

Health Scares

In some instances, plastic surgery is a necessity that’s beyond the patient’s control. Your body can suffer from health complications that will leave you drained, and plastic surgery helps restore your former appearance.

A good example is women who’ve undergone a mastectomy because of breast cancer. After the operation, the patient can consider breast reconstruction to help them retain their femininity and self-esteem. If any health procedure results in undesirable cosmetic side effects on your body, do not shy away from undergoing plastic surgery.

To Feel More Confident

Self-confidence is a massive asset to living a happy and fruitful life. However, you’ll most likely feel less confident if you perceive something imperfect in your cosmetic structure. Most first-time plastic surgery patients can associate their decision with confidence issues.

Plastic surgery is a practical alternative to improving your confidence, since its primary objective is to leave you feeling good about your looks. If cosmetic surgery will help you become more confident, it’s enough reason to undergo it.


If you want to feel happy and more confident about your appearance, make an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon today. Finding a reputable professional to guarantee a safe procedure and satisfactory results.

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