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What is Will Call: How Does it Work

You may be familiar with the term “will call” if you’ve ever purchased concert or event tickets. When purchasing tickets online, you may have the option to “will call” them at the box office rather than having them delivered to you or printed at home. What it is called, how it functions, and why it might be a good choice for you are all topics we’ll cover in this article.

How Does Will Call Work?

There are normally three delivery options available when purchasing tickets online or over the phone: mailing, printing at home and will call. If you select will-call during checkout, you’ll need to bring photo identification and the credit card you used to buy the tickets with you to the event’s box office. Please check the event’s website or contact the box office for any extra information or paperwork that may be required.

At the event, look for the will-call booth or window to pick up your tickets. You can find this near the event’s main entrance or box office; however, the event’s website or personnel can give you more specific directions. The attendant at the window will ask to see your identification and credit card when you check-in. After checking your details, they will give you back your tickets.

Why Choose Will Call?

There are several reasons why you may want to choose will call as your ticket delivery option. Here are a few of the most common:

  1. Convenience – Will call is a great option if you’re worried about losing your tickets or if you don’t have a printer at home. It also allows you to avoid waiting for your tickets to arrive in the mail.
  2. Security – Will call is a more secure option than having your tickets mailed to you. When you pick up your tickets in person, you can be sure that they won’t get lost in the mail or stolen from your mailbox.
  3. Flexibility – If you’re not sure when you’ll be available to receive your tickets or if you’re traveling from out of town, will call can be a good option. You can pick up your tickets when you arrive at the event rather than worrying about them getting lost or stolen while you’re traveling.
  4. Last-minute purchases – If you’re buying tickets for an event that’s coming up soon, will call may be your only option. Some events have a cut-off date for mailing or printing tickets, so will call may be the best choice if you’re buying tickets close to the event date.

Tips for Using Will Call

If you decide to use will call as your ticket delivery option, here are a few tips to make the process go smoothly:

  1. Bring your ID and credit card – You will need both of these to pick up your tickets.
  2. Arrive early – Will call lines can get long, especially at popular events. Plan to arrive early so you have plenty of time to pick up your tickets and get to your seat before the event starts.
  3. Check the event’s website – Some events may require additional documentation or have specific instructions for will calls. Be sure to check the event’s website or contact the box office for more information.
  4. Don’t lose your tickets – Once you have your tickets, be sure to keep them in a safe place. If you lose them, you may not be able to get replacements.


Will call is a convenient and secure option for picking up tickets to an event. It can be a great choice if you’re worried about losing your tickets, if you don’t have a printer at home, or if you’re buying tickets close to the event date.

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