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TOP 10 useful books about Forex. Current Ranking 2022

Tony Turner, “Short Term Trading: A Beginner’s Guide.” In this book, Tony Turner begins his talk with the history of the world’s largest stock exchange. The author then touches on the topic of how wealthy speculators think. Turner analyzes the role of emotions in trading. The author also focuses on the need for further self-education, saying that one’s book on forex should not be the last thing one studies in order to successfully grow and earn in forex. The author argues that one needs to set goals in one’s career according to the scientific method cited in the book. Turner states that it is crucial to be able to take responsibility, otherwise inexperienced traders will not be able to make difficult but profitable decisions. Next, Nelson  Tony Turner outlines the main terms of short-term trading. He explains how to recognize an uptrend, the placement of market cycles, and the relevance of cycles replacing other cycles. The author gives examples of signals for market entry and market exit. In addition, Tony Turner advises where to look for information that can be applied to both types of analysis. Barbara Rockefeller, “Technical Analysis for Dummies.” Chances are that you have heard of or read any of the books in the “for dummies” series. The great advantage of this series is that every area is told from the ground up and in language that is consistently easy to understand. If you want to learn the basics of technical analysis and then trade profitably in the Forex market, then the book “Technical Analysis for Dummies” is probably for you. This tutorial explains very clearly how to detect trade entries and exits and establish market trends. A huge number of different charts, diagrams, and other technical analysis techniques will help you begin to understand all the basics of this method. Another advantage of this textbook is that it contains valuable information about the cryptocurrency market. None of the textbooks that focus exclusively on cryptocurrencies provide such knowledge. This book Nelson is definitely one of the best forex books out there, especially for the less confident beginner. Steven Forbes, Nathan Lewis, and Elizabeth Ames, “What is Inflation? What it is and how to deal with it.” This book was published in April 2022. Given today’s realities, this type of forex book is even more necessary to understand today’s markets. Its authors are some of the most respected and well-known stock market analysts. Steve Forbes, for example, works as CEO of the magazine of the same name. The second author, Nathan Lewis, is one of the most respected publicists and monetary policy experts in the world. Elizabeth Ames is a well-known journalist who has published on Fox News and elsewhere. The author of this book writes that many views on the state of the modern U.S. economy are outdated. Steve Forbes states that unless this is realized among government officials, the problem of inflation will become even worse. This already makes this book the best book for brokers. The Nelson  erroneous views of the U.S. power circles that the author cites are also present in many other Western countries and therefore have implications for the entire world’s financial system.

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