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The Fun of Watching the Charmed

As the expectation for the Charmed reboot builds up, you should be up to speed with some fun facts as a fan. Compared to other fantasy TV shows, Charmed brings a different perspective, making it more fun to watch. As a fan, there are many things not to miss in the upcoming show. This guide explains more.

The Mythology

How the mythology unveils in the original series as the sisters get to know and learn their supernatural powers is somehow slow. For the audience, it takes time to see how the sisters handle their power when facing and fighting demons and evil. The case differs in the new TV show as the mythology gets explained and revealed to the characters and the audience easily and efficiently.

The Power of the Three

Watching how the sisters build a bond and use the connection to harness their powers to their advantage is interesting. From the observation of showrunners like Brad Kern, the three’s power keeps the audience engaged in the show. The three sisters use their powers to help each other overcome the hurdles brought about by evil and, in the long run, fight to win.


The original show and the reboot bring magic closer to home. Besides the power of the three, the sisters use spells and potions learned from the Book of Shadows to deal with and fight magical and mythical creatures. The combination of magic and supernatural powers to fight the mythical creatures gives the audience something to stick by throughout the show. Every fan looks forward to the next episodes as the characters use magical powers to overcome evil.

Sister Love and Family

The relationship and love between the sisters is something to look forward to watching. They are witches with magical powers but also blossom as a family. The sister bond makes it easy for them to unite and work as a team when fighting evil. The foundation of the original show, as with the reboot, is the family bond formed between the sisters. They stir up the show making it interesting to everyone in the audience.

Nature and Outdoors

The show takes you outdoors and gives you more of what nature offers. You enjoy watching supernatural fights in the forests, water bodies, caves, and other unique places. You break the monotony of watching the sisters deal with their internal struggles and family issues indoors when they face evil outdoors. The gradual shift from home settings to the outdoors is something every fan can enjoy.


It is not all about magic, supernatural powers, and fighting mythical creatures in the Charmed series. The sisters are young, hot, and powerful, making them attractive to legible bachelors. The audience can see how the sisters fight both the magical and relationship battles and how they win. There is love and romance as the characters’ personal lives get unveiled.

Watching the upcoming Charmed series is among the best decisions you can make as a fan. There is a lot to see and more interesting events to keep you glued to your screen. With these things in mind, it will always be fun watching Charmed.

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