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Live Scan Fingerprinting For Background Checks

Live scan fingerprinting is a form of biometrics that involves electronically scanning your fingerprint. This technology is becoming more popular for running background checks.

There are many benefits to using this technology for background checks. These benefits include:


Compared to other background check methods, live scan fingerprinting is much faster. This is because it captures fingerprints electronically and transmits them electronically to the agency for processing.

Law enforcement agencies and private security firms use live scan fingerprinting to run FBI record checks on individuals. It is also used for employment scareenings, adoption, immigration, and other identification needs.

In addition, this fingerprinting method is much more accurate than the traditional ink-and-paper method. This is because it eliminates the smudges and errors associated with ink-based fingerprinting.

This makes it easy for employers to conduct criminal history background checks on candidates, allowing them to see all ten of their fingerprints with digital clarity in seconds. This helps them determine if a potential employee has a criminal background, and it may even reveal other information they may not otherwise find.

More Accurate

Background checks are often required for positions or occupations where safety and security are important concerns. These include teachers, doctors, care providers, foster parents, security guards, and lawyers.

When fingerprints are submitted for a background check, they must be accurately captured and matched against the FBI’s criminal history database. Live scan fingerprinting is a faster and more accurate way to do this than traditional paper-based submissions, which can be messy and inaccurate.

Live scan fingerprinting is also more environmentally friendly because paper is unnecessary. This helps protect the environment by using less paper and avoiding the need for more trees to be cut down.

No Ink

Live scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing your fingerprints on a glass plate using advanced technology that is free of ink. This method is much faster, cleaner, and more accurate than the old ink-and-roll method.

This procedure involves a computerized machine that uses live scanning technology to capture your fingerprints. It is also the most efficient way to get your fingerprints scanned and transmitted to the State Agency processing your background check.

The technology used to scan your fingerprints is also a great way to save time, as you won’t have to take the extra step of printing your fingerprints on paper. This is a particularly helpful feature for people with busy schedules who don’t have the time to sit at home or in an office waiting to get their fingerprints taken and processed.

The best part is that the technology above has become so affordable and convenient that most people can afford to use it for their background checks. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional ink and roll method, you can have your fingerprints scanned and sent to the agencies processing your background check in no time!

More Convenient

Live scan fingerprinting is a convenient background check process that is more efficient and faster than other methods. This is because it is done electronically rather than by printing and mailing fingerprint cards to government agencies for processing.

Using electronic means to submit fingerprints for a background check is environmentally friendly and can positively impact the environment. Moreover, live scan fingerprinting is paper-free and does not require printing or mailing documents, reducing the amount of paper waste.

This is a big advantage if you’re applying for a job requiring a fingerprint background check for security reasons. The application process would also be much more convenient as you wouldn’t have to wait for your fingerprint cards to come back from the agency, and you’d be able to go back and get your results instantly.

Many state and federal agencies, including the FBI, use live scan fingerprinting for background checks. It is also used for employment and security clearances and other applications that require fingerprint verification.

More Affordable

Live scan fingerprinting is much more affordable than other background check methods. Unlike the ink-and-roll method, which involves rolling and pressing your fingerprints against paper cards, the live scan is a digitally-scanned process that electronically transmits your fingerprints to the FBI and other agencies for processing.

Another major benefit of using live scan fingerprinting is that it’s faster and more accurate than the ink-and-roll method. The process involves placing your fingers directly on a scanning device that scans your fingerprints and provides instant results.

The fingerprints are transmitted directly to the FBI and other agencies for processing, which helps expedite criminal background checks. Moreover, live scan fingerprinting is much more convenient than other background check methods as it requires less manual effort and time spent handling fingerprint cards. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a thorough background check.

No Smearing

Fingerprinting is one of the most common background checks used by businesses and agencies that require a criminal history background check. Unlike name-based checks, fingerprint data accurately identify someone’s past.

A live scan device will capture your fingerprints using electronic technology during fingerprinting. The fingerprints are immediately transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a background check.

Live scan fingerprinting eliminates many issues with traditional ink fingerprinting methods, including smearing and smudging. This makes it much easier to capture high-quality fingerprints and improves the speed of the fingerprint submission process.

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