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How to Keep the Signs of Youth on Our Face

If there is something that characterizes the Signs of Youth, it is the volumes. The round faces that we have since we were children sharpen over the years due to the loss of volume in our face.

Why do we lose volumes in our face?

From approximately the age of 35, the cheekbones and cheeks sag as a result of the weakening of the ligaments that support the fat in this area. The fall of this fat causing a vacuum in the area below the lower eyelid. In addition, elastin and collagen levels drop, which are what help keep our skin firm.

There are other factors that contribute or accelerate this process:

  • Exposure to the sun contributes to the deterioration of the skin, producing flaccidity
  • A diet low in protein and necessary nutrients or in which sugary or processed foods are abused.
  • Leading a sedentary life since physical activity helps to oxygenate our body and therefore also our skin.
  • Habits such as smoking that are also detrimental to that essential oxygenation.
  • Genetic inheritance plays an important role. According to recent studies, nearly 1,500 genes involved in the aging process of our skin have been found. Specifically, they are genes that determine moisture in the skin, elasticity, protection against ultraviolet radiation, etc.

How to prevent the loss of volumes in our face?

Obviously, it is not in our hands to avoid the consequences of our genetic inheritance, but we can prevent those factors that come from our lifestyle.

  • Sunbathe in moderation and use sunscreen. It is also important to use day creams that include sun protection throughout the year.
  • Eat a diet rich in antioxidants and the necessary nutrients. We must incorporate into our diet foods such as salads, fiber, nuts and vegetable proteins that help strengthen muscle and therefore prevent this “fall” of fat in the middle third of the face. On the other hand, restrict the consumption of sweets, industrial pastries and sugary drinks.
  • Avoid leading a sedentary life and habits such as smoking.

How to recover volumes in our face?

Once those volumes in popules and cheeks have been lost, in Aesthetic Medicine we have  SCULPTRA , a very effective treatment that combats flaccidity, without the need to undergo surgery.

It is an injectable synthetic material composed of “polylactic acid” which is biocompatible, safe and completely resorbable Signs of Youth.

During this 2016 we have an interesting Promotion adapted to the needs of each patient:


2 options according to need:

  • 1 Sculptra for €495
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And always, maintaining our hallmarks. Fleeing from those “cloned faces” that not only do not rejuvenate us, but also make us look older.

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