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Flowers With Negative Meanings

Flowers have been an integral part of human culture for centuries. They are often used to express love, gratitude, sympathy, and other positive emotions. However, some flowers have negative meanings associated with them. These meanings vary across different cultures and periods. In this article, we will explore some of the flowers with negative connotations and their significance.

Black roses

Black roses are often associated with death and mourning. They have been used in various cultures to express grief and sadness. In some cultures, black roses are associated with dark magic and witchcraft.

Yellow carnations

Yellow carnations are associated with disappointment and rejection. They are often given to someone who has been turned down or rejected in love. In some cultures, yellow carnations are also associated with contempt and disdain.


Marigolds are often associated with death and the afterlife. They are used in many cultures as offerings to the dead and are also used in funeral wreaths and arrangements. In some cultures, marigolds are also associated with jealousy and cruelty.

Red and white amaryllis

Red and white amaryllis flowers are often associated with tragedy and death. In Greek mythology, the amaryllis flower was said to have sprung from the blood of a shepherd who was killed by a jealous lover. In some cultures, the red and white amaryllis is associated with pride and arrogance.


Petunias are often associated with anger and resentment. They are also associated with narcissism and selfishness. In some cultures, petunias are also associated with deception and betrayal.


Hydrangeas are often associated with heartlessness and frigidity. They are also associated with boastfulness and vanity. In some cultures, hydrangeas are also associated with fickleness and insincerity.

Red poppies

Red poppies are often associated with addiction and dependency. They are also associated with death and remembrance. In some cultures, red poppies are also associated with extravagance and luxury.

In conclusion, while flowers are often used to express positive emotions, some flowers have negative connotations associated with them. These meanings vary across cultures and periods, and it is important to be aware of them when giving or receiving flowers. When in doubt, it is always best to research the cultural significance of a particular flower before giving it as a gift.

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